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Songwriter Neil Crossley has one of those winning, strong yet gentle Jackie Leven / Richard Hawley baritones that do male vulnerability beautifully. Furlined's other striking sound is Tegan Everett's cello, which intros most of Crossley's dark-honey melodies… A band with distinct aural charms.  Mojo ****

There’s a definite chamber-pop richness to what’s played here, but there’s also an almost palpable sense of wanting to find something life-affirming in suburban longings and everyday regrets. Crossley brings a genuine beauty to ordinary things, through luxuriant vocals and wryly-observational lyrics.  Rock 'N' Reel ****

Furlined move from mid-tempo potential hits with big, mind-nagging choruses, to edgier rock and sesnsitive balladry, all with pointed observational lyrics. While there are shades of Edwyn Collins, Colourfield and Robert Wyatt, these tracks are firmly rooted in the present. Eleven cuts of prime English songwriting.  Musician

Love Comes In Canisters

“A charming and individual debut of rare depth. There is a womb-like intimacy to their sound, centred around Crossley’s engaging and darkly humorous lyrics and the delightful cello sparring.”
**** Clash Magazine

“Morrissey meets Americana – superb songs with an irresistible English wit.”  
Total Guitar

“Stripped-down Americana with a topping of 80s pop. Great stuff.”
**** Maverick

“An excellent example of modern acoustica and a charming album of tasteful radio-friendly country-folk. The band embrace the laid-back easy rock that has made stars of Damien Rice and James Blunt. This could well be 2009’s Back To Bedlam.”
Rock ‘N’ Reel ****

“Furlined have woven their Smiths and Americana influences into an album of mid-tempo reflections and disarming ballads. Beguiling cello, warm riffs, wistful vocals and a catchy top line. Class.”

“Well-crafted and appealing songs with unmistakably British lyrics. Crossley’s voice is distinctive and evocative but it’s the warmth of the cello that really elevates this to a higher plain.”  
Guitar Techniques

“There’s no denying that Love Comes In Canisters is a memorably powerful album… if it were a drama it would be kitchen sink because this is an album that deals in stark reality.”
Americana UK

“A swoon-worthy debut. Furlined’s songs celebrate distinctively ‘English’ preoccupations – quirkin
ess, wordplay, pastoral imagery, drink – all the while avoiding the obvious rhyme or melody in favour of something striking and playful.”

“Neil Crossley’s voice could be the gold standard for the phrase ‘velvety smooth and rich’.
Cranking up the gorgeousness levels even further is Tegan Thomas’s cello that provides depth to every track. A fine album. 7/10”
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Photography by Beau Giles